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Weight Reckoner

Please insert the length of material required (alongside the relevant width and thickness), to automatically generate the weight of the goods for delivery purposes. The tables below will then assist you to work out carriage costs to different locations.

Width Thickness Length (M) Weight (KG)
0.92M 0.2MM 0.0
0.92M 0.33MM 0.0
0.92M 0.45MM 0.0
0.92M 0.55MM 0.0
0.92M 0.65MM 0.0
0.92M 0.8MM 0.0
0.92M 0.92MM 0.0
0.92M 1.05MM 0.0
2M 0.33MM 0.0
2M 0.45MM 0.0
2M 0.55MM 0.0
Total Weight     0.0

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