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Adhesives are the best and most secure way to join or attach your latex. These are some of our recommended products.

Adhesive Types

There are two types of adhesive that can be used with latex rubber sheeting:

Solvent based adhesives (rubber solution adhesives) and Water based adhesives (latex adhesives)

Solvent based adhesives dry quickly but the solvent can cause the latex to curl up. They are highly inflammable and must be used in well-ventilated work areas. They generate a good bond with good water resistance.

Latex adhesives are safe to use and do not cause curling up. They do however take longer to dry and may not stand up to immersion in water.


The rubber solution adhesive is a compound of natural rubber dissolved in petroleum solvents usually ethanol and methanol. Your local hardware shop will be able to offer you an appropriate solvent but please note that chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene should not be used because they will harm the rubber.

– Bostik 3851 Rubber Solution Adhesive with Bostik Cleaner 4 (Solvent cleaner/thinner containing aliphatic hydrocarbon previously known as Bostick 6009.) as a primer. Cleaner 4 can also be used to remove Bostik 3851 by dissolving it and removing it from the surface. These products should be available from all good hardware stores or online, such as :

– Loctite 480 (rubber toughened) or Loctite 406 (non-rubber toughened) Cyanoacrylate adhesive with Polyolefin primer (RS 159-4045). This adhesive produces stronger bonds than the Bostik 3851 but they are not as flexible. The products are available from RS Supplies at

– Bostik 2402 two-part neoprene based adhesive available online.


Four D Rubber Co. Ltd takes no responsibility for the choice of or use of adhesives by customers. This page is for information only.

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